With Your Coffee

An Adirondack view, cell service not included.

{Operator error: this did not publish Saturday as it was supposed to. I hope you can enjoy it with your coffee on Monday. Hope you had a great weekend.}  Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Who wants to do his/her weekend all over again? Pine trees, fresh air, campfires, yes, please. Was it sunny and beautiful? What is the best part of your town/region in the summertime? Do you stay where you are, or escape somewhere for summertime enjoyment? I’d love to know. Coffee cheers!

Have a great week, everyone!

4 thoughts on “With Your Coffee

  1. Lauren G says:

    I LOL’ed at the sad train station article, the author managed to make a sad situation quite humorous with the entertaining analogies!

  2. Paula Sagerman says:

    Thanks again, Kaitlin, for the interesting articles.
    I had to laugh about the article on Amtrak stations because of how Scott feels about Brattleboro’s. 🙂
    Next time I head south I’ll make a detour to check out Katonah.

    • Kaitlin says:

      My pleasure! Glad you liked them. I know, Brattleboro’s Amtrak is just depressing. So many towns have unused beautiful stations not too far from the terrible Amtrak one. Let me know how Katonah is; I haven’t been!

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