With Your Coffee (Monday Edition)

Set your sights high! This is the CN Tower in Toronto.

Set your sights high! This is the CN Tower in Toronto. I have many more Toronto photos to share this week. 

Good Monday morning, everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Anything fun? It was a fairly quiet weekend around Vermont. Having just finished week two of a new job, I am still catching up on sleep! Now I am working as a Preservation Planner for VHB, an engineering + environmental firm. {My views remain my own on PiP.} It’s great! But, of course, all new jobs are exhausting in a good way. Week Three, here we go! What’s new in your world? Here are a few links from around the internet to give you inspiration for the week. The list begins with a few photos on Twitter, something easy. It’s going to be a good one! Coffee cheers, friends.

  • Manhattan, from above.  Side note: I love @historyepics on Twitter, but they never include the source of the photo and it drives me crazy. Anyone else?
  • Instagram recommendation of the week: @timhagley for beautiful midwestern shots.
  • And @presinpink is public on instagram. Meaning, you don’t have to sign up to see the photos.

Talk to you soon!