Why cover those shingles? For shame! #presinpink #iamapreservationist

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5 thoughts on “Why cover those shingles? For shame! #presinpink #iamapreservationist

  1. john dumville says:

    It happens all to often and people don’t seem to understand the long term damage it causes. When I removed the aluminum siding off my house the original 1805 clipboards were covered with mold. After careful scraping, caulking and painting the original clipboards my heating bill went down.

  2. Beth Bogert says:

    My family and I are planning to move to hardwick vt. There is a farm where people with special needs work the land, live together as a community. My daughter is awesome with animals and we are moving from PA to Vt so she can attend and I can still be close.
    Money is tight, I love restoring things and did (on a small scale) with the house we are in now.
    I have the same interest in abandoned buildings. I has wondering if you could give me some directions to purchasing a school house or church dos and don’ts.
    I understand if you can’t reply to every email, thank you for the great blog.
    All the best Beth, Issie and Duncan

  3. Dave & Sharynne Wilder says:

    . . . Really! It seems like almost all of the old houses here on City Island have suffered that fate. I hate to say it, but it seems that the “blue-collar mentality” has absolutely no cultural, historical, or aesthetic sensibility.

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