Preservation Photos #233

Fair Haven, Vermont.

Fair Haven, Vermont.

The house of last week’s Preservation Photos #232. This 1867 house was built by the A.C. Hopson and is known as one of the earliest and most outstanding examples of French Second Empire style in Vermont. It was the home of Ira Allen, a prominent Fair Haven businessman. Today the house is the Marble Mansion Inn.


5 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #233

  1. jane says:

    thanks for the picture. Next time you are in the Bennington area stop in North Bennington at the Park-McCullough House, 1864, Italiante with a Mansard roof and a 4th floor observatory – and the porch, the porte cochere, gardens and barns, even a grapery. One of my favorite places.

  2. Blair Howell says:

    I’m a collector of antique paper items. I am researching a guest register from the Franklin house in Rutland Sept. 1854 – April 1855 which I acquired on ebay some time ago.. one of the guests was the builder of this house, A. C. Hopson. It’s amazing o see how History comes alive if you just do a little research! Thank you!

    You can see his autograph here:

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