Seeking Advice for Blog Hosting & Moving!

Dear Readers,

Preservation in Pink is getting older and ready to leave the nest of to a self hosted However, it’s a big, scary move when its been on for almost seven years. I turn to all of you who speak the language of blogs, hosting, website, etc. Can you recommend a host? A method for moving your entire blog? Any cautionary tales or other advice? What to expect? I’ve researched this process, and while it seems easy enough my biggest fear remains: moving the blog and losing everything!

Your help and suggestions are much appreciated!

Cheers, Kaitlin

PiP  is soon to be under construction. Watch for falling concrete!

PiP is soon to be under construction. Watch for falling concrete!

13 thoughts on “Seeking Advice for Blog Hosting & Moving!

  1. Sabra Smith says:

    Siteground has been recommended to me, as has A small orange (which I like simply because of its name!). You might also look at, Dreamhost, LiquidWeb and Laughing Squid. Happy move! We’ll watch for the change of address cards!

    • Kaitlin says:

      Hi Jim, has worked well for me for years, yes. However, .org will allow greater flexibility and the ability to chose advertisements if I do go that way. And more importantly, I won’t get the ads at the bottom of posts. (If only so much traffic were the issue, haha!) Consider it more freedom and an adventure, I guess.

  2. Mod Betty / says:

    I made the leap from to a few years ago and was in the same boat, mainly for the reasons you mentioned. I’ve heard good things about WP Engine, and since they’re nothing but Word Press related, you’re sure to get good support there. If I did not have my current hosting situation I’d probably investigate using them. Good luck with the move!

      • Mod Betty / says:

        Kaitlin – I invested in “Backup Buddy” so I could be sure I didn’t lose anything, so that’s an option. Especially with all of my posts, it was well worth the peace of mind. Some things did go wonky unfortunately, but that’s b/c I have an unusual hosting situation (that I’m in the middle of trying to sort some issues out with, as we speak!) nothing like having to become your own IT department 🙂
        Good luck!

  3. Sabra Smith says:

    If you’re wondering about backups — consider VaultPress (built by WordPress!) which charges a small monthly fee (as low as $5 depending on which plan you choose) or look at BackWPup — free! And with good resource/how-to materials. (These tips brought to you by my course at the Women’s Coding Collective!) — use this code (as per me) and you’ll save $17: pal-epaj

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