Demolition of the VT I-91 trusses on a winter’s day. #presinpink

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9 thoughts on “Demolition of the VT I-91 trusses on a winter’s day. #presinpink

    • Kaitlin says:

      I know, I love that bridge. Unfortunately this bridge was exempt from Section 106 review because it is on the Interstate Highway System and was not chosen as one of the national exempt from the exempt features. So sad. The regional planning commission is working with citizens to develop a good replacement. But oh, those poor bridges!

  1. Dave & Sharynne Wilder says:

    Really too bad! Makes me think of our City Island Bridge, the main construction of which is halted by some kind of injunction, but a separate contract for prepping the approaches is already being started on, with trees being felled and marshland cleared.

  2. richholschuh says:

    The process has been fascinating but sad to watch. This delicate pair of bridges over the West River will linger in my mind as the background to many pleasant hours spent swimming and lying in the sun just upstream. The replacement design tries to emulate the relative grace of the steel arch trusses but I’m afraid the bulky concrete spans will fall short, a cheap imitation of their predecessors. The cast stone facing really irks me… But at least this is a revision of the initial proposal – that was ghastly.

    • Heidi Clawson says:

      I also hope they don’t use that brown stone facing which interferes visually with the soaring and reaching”concept that we treasure in an arch. Just because it’s brown, doesn’t make it natural and accessible.

      Incidentally, the tallest “pine” tree in the upper right corner is a cell tower. I thought they did a pretty good job with that one.

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