Question of the Day. Trailer homes (or mobile homes), will these be considered historic? Are any? #presinpink

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14 thoughts on “Question of the Day. Trailer homes (or mobile homes), will these be considered historic? Are any? #presinpink

  1. Isaac says:

    I somehow doubt they will ever be given historical status, or given preferential treatment in any way…but there may, if there aren’t already, be books about them, or perhaps blurbs within books. A footnote, perhaps. While some have their charms, like the one pictured above, I think they may eventually be lost. They were never really meant to last…

  2. Chad says:

    Yes. If “American Small Homes” are eligible for the National Register, than so too will trailers and mobile homes. I heard a rumor that farm animals should be eligible for the National Register.

  3. jane says:

    There are motels in the southwest made up of vintage Airstream restored trailers.
    and Lustron houses now have cache` and historic recognition.
    Repair, insulation and upgrading of old mobile homes is extremely difficult. Quality parts are very hard to find and the people looking for them have little money.
    I think most will disappear as they are abandoned or replaced by better housing.

  4. merlin1942 says:

    I see a variety of vintage trailers throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. Occasionally someone puts the effort into restoring one. I keep thinking I would like a smaller one as a guest cabin for my farm. Historic, yes. Will they be preserved, I think only the rare few by a dedicated enthusiast. As stated by others restoration is not easy, and they were flimsy to begin with so only a token few will survive. Ones roofed like the one in your photo have the best chance of making it.

  5. Dave & Sharynne Wilder says:

    Vintage Airstreams, definitely, with their look that emulates the design of aircraft of the 40s and 50s. There’s also something interesting about how mobile homes have, oddly, fostered the continued use of materials like formica, pine paneling, and other “outre” interior design features. There’s also the efficient-use-of-space component (that is carried even further in yacht design). And as was said above, their flimsiness is a real issue. My mother lived in one for a time; I thought it was horrible, but I think my objections were (sadly) cultural.

  6. Ama says:

    I’m doing preliminary research for possible a Masters’ Thesis on this topic right now. There isn’t much about it, but I think it will be interesting to study.

    • Kaitlin says:

      That is definitely an interesting topic. I’m sure many of us would be interested to hear more about it as your research progresses. Good luck!

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