Bidding Adieu to 2013, Welcoming 2014

Hello and welcome, 2014! Before Preservation in Pink dives into 2014, I’d like to take a few minutes to round-up the year’s activity. Preservation in Pink’s 2013 year was about travel, preservation imagery and discovery, helping you to find preservation in your everyday surroundings (even if it’s just a flamingo or a playground slide).

Highlights from 2013 include:

Favorite series and recurring themes continued, with a few new additions:

Some posts studied the built environment and invited you to consider yours, tangibly and intangibly:

Other posts discuss the economic health of communities:

Of course, PiP was on the go! Many posts were photo-centric, travel posts:

Whether you connect to Preservation in Pink and historic preservation through photographs or words, it is my hope that PiP continues to play a role in your appreciation of historic preservation. I learn from all of you, and you mean a lot to me. Readers, whether you comment or not, thank you for reading! Thank you for asking questions. 2013 brought greater interaction on social media, whether Twitter, Instragram or WordPress. Hopefully the Instagram-to-blog posts are working for you (let me know if they are not.) This year, 2014, begins without Facebook. I’m looking forward to growing the reach and variety of Preservation in Pink in 2014, with new posts, new series, new people, and new places.


If you’re interested, previous year end round-ups: