Preservation Photos #213


A vineyard with a historic farmstead in the background in South Hero, VT. The sun sets over the horizon, and the future looks bright.

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 swiftly approaches. A new year brings a fresh start, a clean slate, and good reasons for taking on new challenges. We savor the good, reflect on the less-than-good, and do our best to bring our best selves into the new year. I love a new year.

What are your thoughts on 2013, or your resolutions for 2014? Wishing you the happiest, brightest, and healthiest new year.


6 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #213

  1. Dave & Sharynne Wilder says:

    Makes us think about the recent global-warming stories of the “wine country” moving northward to southern England, even Sweden, as areas like Bordeaux and Central California become too warm for vines. Wish all of us wine-drinkers luck for the future!

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