Preservation Photos #210


Halifax, Vermont


8 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #210

    • Kaitlin says:

      Hi David, I do not have interior photos. As for the age, I’ll have to check the state survey. I took this photograph from the road, and haven’t done any research on it.

  1. richholschuh says:

    (from a fan in Brattleboro and a friend of Paula Sagerman…)

    I lived in Halifax for 13 years (and held the office of the dreaded lister) so I certainly recognize this beautiful little structure, alongside Rt. 112 about 5 miles from the MA border. I have to tell you it postdates me… It stands in the middle of my long-time friend Adam Buursma’s Arboreal Habitats tree nursery. In a “small world” coincidence, the frame was cut by my sweetie and partner Monica MacNeille, when she had a timber frame business just a few years ago. I believe she did the slate roof as well – I’ll pass this on to her later. It is a very faithful, striking evocation of a small Cape and the warm, buttery exterior color leaves a strong impression… Adam’s website is here and you can see the corner of the building in this family portrait: . Another distant view is on the Visit Our Nursery tab.

    I enjoy your blog a great deal, when I manage to check it periodically. Keep the good stuff coming!


    • richholschuh says:

      Hey Paula… yes, that’s about right. I sent an email to Kaitlin under separate cover with photos from Monica of the frame being cut and erected, and the slate roof going on – just to demonstrate I wasn’t making it all up 🙂 It would be fun to write a little story about it! The little house is a bit different than one might expect in a historical structure (to my way of thinking) because of the scale and half story kneewalls, which Adam had requested, although, as we all know, there are countless variations out there… I hope you are well. Cheers!

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