Preservation Photos #207


City Hall in Buffalo, NY

Have you traveled to Buffalo? On my way back from Indianapolis, I drove through Buffalo for the first time and was amazed by the architecture stock, including this breathtaking city hall buidling. I could stare at this building all day. And next time I’m there, I’m taking a tour.


6 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #207

  1. dwilder2557 says:

    . . . More from Dave & Sharynne at Dockwood Furniture: thanks for the photo of the huge city hall in Buffalo, where we’ve never, ever, been. We keep seeing pictures of beautiful architecture from all over the middle of the country, totally foreign territory to us! But it’s fascinating. Thank you for publicizing the great work of our architects!

    Dave & Sharynne
    Dockwood Furniture

  2. Andrew Wilkins says:

    Buffalo has which of the following?
    a. Beautiful architecture! (some residential neighborhoods like Elmwood and West Village are nice, too).
    b. Horrible professional sports teams.
    c. Ghastly weather.
    d. all of the above.

    The answer is d. 🙂

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