Preservation Pop Quiz

Which windows are original? What other modifications have been made to this house?


Add your thoughts in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Preservation Pop Quiz

  1. jane says:

    whole house may be settling – can’t tell if it’s the photograph or the house.
    Depending on town and economics of the area: c. 1790 frame – maybe with center chimney – c. 1810 updated entrance – columns. c. 1850 gable over the front door with window and perhaps small chimney for stoves, c. 1880 porch with brackets, enclosed c. 1910 with windows and screens! (which had been invented about 20 years ago by then) c. 1950 picture windows with side casements, which may have damaged the frame. c.1950’s antenna, c.2000 dish

    • Mark says:

      c.2000 dish…lol. I also wondered about the house being an earlier structure. Gable seems to def. be mid -19th, be it original or a modification. I dunno, this whole friggin’ house seems to modified, and much different than it would haver been originally. It has lost its dignity. Most people don’t put an attachment like this sunroom under the main roof.

      • jane says:

        agree about the roof – maybe it was on the north-east side and caught ice dams all winter – so the whole roof was extended when the picture windows went in? This is why I love opening up houses for renovation – get so see what really happened!

  2. Kaitlin says:

    This answer will take some sleuthing on my part. And the answer to the window – no, not yet. I don’t have an answer! Sometimes I hope all of you can give me the answer.

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