Preservation Photos #183

The Octagon School of East Bethel, VT built in 1842.

The Octagon School of East Bethel, VT built in 1842.

A known site in East Bethel, this octagon school is one of a kind. The design was supposed to allow for greater space in a one-room schoolhouse. It has a few additions, but you can clearly see the octagon shape in this image, along with original windows and screens. Peak into the windows and you’ll see a blackboard. Today the building is a library and community center. For a brief history on East Bethel, read this.

10 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #183

  1. Nick says:

    Love the large windows -theres probably not a single dark corner in that building. Orson Fowler would have been proud.

  2. Mark says:

    1842 is very early for an octagon structure. They didn’t really take off until the 1850’s….. The fact that its a school is even more unusual.

  3. Chad says:

    Below is a link to a video I made of an octagon smoke house in Sparta, GA. Apparently octagon structures were a brief fad in the 1850s. The design was advocated by phrenology crank, Orson Fowler. It was a kind of 19th century version of feng shui.

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