Flamingo Club

You know I’m not kidding when I tell you that this was a birthday present and I love it. And it reminds me of an early flamingo trip to South Beach, Miami, FL.


Art Deco + flamingos = a good time


Obviously, we flamingos would stay here.


Concrete, movie posters, details, details!!


I love the flat roof architectural detail.


love flamingos.

A welcome addition to any home. Thanks, Mom & Dad! {Everyone feeds the flamingo addition. Further recent proof here: Flamingo Valentine, Mr. Stilts & card, pasta & plates.)

3 thoughts on “Flamingo Club

      • Mark says:

        Ever hear of the Flamingo Hotel in Acapulco ? It’s a 30’s era concrete hotel that was frequented by the Hollywood elite back in the day. Still there, still operating. Johnny Weismuller owned it at some point. Today, its in a sad state, and caters to Americans and Canadians who are looking to revisit those old glory days. Its a bizarre place now, with old pics of very well known actors hanging in the foyer. Here’s a pic from 1940, when there was NOTHING else around it (today that area is crammed). John Wayne’s former house is just out of the picture, to the right:

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