Swinging Saturday

Doesn’t everybody love swings, young and old alike? As long as I live, I’ll swing on the swings. My sisters will be sure to join.


A tall steel structure is perfect for swinging high. Pump those legs!

This swing set below is definitely an older model. Based on the size of it, it seems like it was always meant for young children.


Other than this swing set, I haven’t seen an apparatus with construction: the top bar and additional diagonals to the side crossbar. Have you?



homemade or manufactured? 


A close-up of the connection on this apparatus. Look closely and you can see remnants of the green paint.

Are you out swinging in the sunshine? See any old playgrounds? Send some photographs my way, please! More playground posts on PiP.

3 thoughts on “Swinging Saturday

  1. Ann Cousins says:

    I think this one is handmade, a contribution to the Richmond community many years ago by a local welder, Jeb Bush, whose son and daughter-in-law today own the bakery located in the red building in the background of one of the photos. The story behind these pictures one family’s ethic of giving back to the community: Jeb fabricating playground equipment many, many years ago, and the bakery, today, buying local produce and serving the community as a gathering place and workspace with free WiFi.

    I felt very badly when much of Jeb’s donated playground equipment was removed about 20 years ago because they didn’t meet current safety standards.

    • Kaitlin says:

      Ann, you are full of answers lately. Thank you! What a shame that the equipment was removed; it is so often the case. And I’m glad to know the history of these swings, especially before I started searching. Had me tricked!

      • Ann Cousins says:

        We’ll have to check in with Henry or Rachel next time in the bakery–make sure I have it right!

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