Abandoned Vermont: Bloomfield Church

Bloomfield, VT is a small crossroads on the Connecticut River. Across the bridge is Stratford, NH. The general store is closed and not many houses populate this town. This church sits next to the town offices, the former school. Based on the piles of boxes in the windows, the church is abandoned or sorely neglected and used for storage. This poor thing has seen better days (note the missing steeple). The neighbors’ stuff is piled in the rear and on one side of the building, so I didn’t snap photos of all elevations.











Churches seem to be common abandoned or neglected buildings. What can we do about these? Another topic for another time, perhaps.

15 thoughts on “Abandoned Vermont: Bloomfield Church

  1. Domica says:

    I live in Massachusetts and travel to Vermont just for this kind of graceful, old beauty… Great shots!

  2. MainerChick says:

    we’ve had several people buy old churches (and one room schoolhouses) and rehab them for homes here in Maine. But not nearly enough. And at some point they’re past the point of repair.

  3. Steven W Lindsey says:

    Seems an incredible waste.

    Rep. Janice L Peaslee did much to save an 1893 truss bridge across the Connecticut River down river from this church. Maybe someone like her will rise to the occasion again to save this delightful structure.

  4. John Thomas says:

    Just attended a concert in this ‘abandoned’ church last Friday. It appears to be used for performances, maybe even lived in. It even has a homemade elevator in it, right in the center of the space, as well as a small bar, a pizza oven, and a working burn barrel. Ceiling plaster has fallen in some areas and bits of it fell on me during the show, but the building did not seem abandoned.

  5. Tom says:

    Owned by a paraplegic who lives int the rectory. This should address the condition noted above. Referb started in 2013 by friends and family. Structural integrity will be addressed in the foundation by spring 2015. A breath of life has been given to the church.

  6. Michael says:

    This Church in Bloomfield as of April 2014 has been renovated and is now used for concert venues. if you look up on Facebook for
    The Chürch it will show you what and who.

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