Proctor Marble Bridge

Proctor, Vermont is home to the marble bridge, a structure built in 1915 of reinforced concrete and marble. The bridge stands as a memorial to Fletcher D. Proctor, given by his mother Emily Dutton Proctor. This marble bridge replaced three previous covered bridges that spanned the Otter Creek. Located in Proctor is the Vermont Marble Company (owned by the Proctor family; this was a company town). Read a detailed history of the bridge here. The bridge was rehabilitated in 2002 by the Vermont Agency of Transportation.









3 thoughts on “Proctor Marble Bridge

  1. gardentourist says:

    The pictures from far show how beautiful and powerful it is. The ones from near, showing the marble, makes me feel in a grave, since Italian cemeteries are a tribute to this noble material. It does work as a memorial. Moving.

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