Preservation Photos #180

Historic preservation at work: sidewalk construction in Jamaica, VT.

Historic preservation at work: sidewalk construction in Jamaica, VT.

Historic preservation is part of all sorts of projects, especially sidewalk construction (or reconstruction) in historic villages. Sidewalks encounter contributing features such as walkways, hitching posts, markers, landscaping, fences, and trees, as seen above. This photo shows sidewalk construction ongoing and tree protection barriers in place. Note the tight squeeze of the sidewalk between the trees and the historic properties.


2 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #180

  1. Heidi Clawson says:

    I’m told that use of government funding mandates that the sidewalk for this tiny village has to be five feet wide! That’s why the “footpath” is crowding the houses and the trees. (Some people don’t want to lose that much of their lawn so I hear they aren’t going to participate in this particular project.) However there will be a continuous sidewalk where you have taken your photo. I read in a recent newspaper that the Jamaicans have voted to put their electric lines UNDER the sidewalk. Sounds great!


    • Kaitlin says:

      Hi Heidi,

      Yes, government funding comes with stipulations as public space must meet ADA regulations. There are variances that can be awarded however, which can apply to 4′ rather than 5′ sidewalks, for example, or a lift rather than an elevator in a historic building.

      And yes, undergrounding wires always improves the look of a town!

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