A Winter Drive

“Let’s go for a drive.”

Do you ever just drive to drive? Did you and your families take Sunday drives through the countryside for some family entertainment? In the days before automobiles, city dwellers took trolley rides out to the parks for picnics or carnivals or other entertainment. Sometimes they visited cemeteries, as many were designed as parks. When the automobile arrived on the scene, trolleys fell out of favor. (Read more about trolleys here.) With automobiles on the scene, people had greater freedom of mobility for work, travel and everyday things.

Surely as teenagers, we all drove around because we could. Nothing said freedom like driving around with your friends, whether it was to the beach, the diner or nowhere in particular. If you’re a professional now with a 9-5 job (or some form of 9-5) and “adult” responsibilities, do you still have the urge to drive? Maybe you don’t have the time for a road trip, but what about for an afternoon? Do you drive for any other reason than you have to?

This past weekend, Mother Nature graced Vermont with sunshine and blue skies (before she throws a March snowstorm at us this week). I could think of no better way to spend a late sunny Sunday afternoon than cruising the Vermont highways for a while.

US Route 2

US Route 2

US Route 2

US Route 2 (I-89 to the left)

A truss bridge in Richmond, VT

A truss bridge in Richmond, VT

VT Route 100, near the 100B junction.

VT Route 100, near the 100B junction.

Blue skies make up for the bare winter trees.

Blue skies make up for the bare winter trees.

Since a summer road trip seems so far off, these afternoon and day drives will have to suit me for now. What about you?  Stay warm and drive carefully in this upcoming storm.


6 thoughts on “A Winter Drive

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Something about the road ahead that makes you take a deep breath. I love that feeling of the road rolling out ahead of you. My most recent long trip was with my brother and his kids up the Hume Highway from Melbourne to Sydney. Sadly we were going to bid farewell to a friend who had passed away but it was all the more special for that.

  2. Jim says:

    I’m already dreaming about my summer road trips! For spring break, I’m taking my sons out along as much of Route 66 as we can cram into a week.

  3. elskon56 says:

    I love to go for a drive just for the heck of it with no destination in mind, free to wander wherever the road leads. Growing up I spent many happy Sunday afternoons cruising the back roads with my mom at the wheel and my sisters beside me, sometimes Dad would join us but most of the time he chose to stay home and rest. To this day there is nothing better than “cruising the roads”.

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