Abandoned Vermont: Wolcott House

A house in Wolcott, Vermont sits on the bend in road, settled quietly and subtly into the landscape. Warm weather foliage hides much of its facade, but the colder months allow for improved views of the house. This appears to be another one whose owner/occupant began a significant renovation and have since stopped, for reasons unknown.

Wolcott, VT

Wolcott, VT

Wolcott VT

Wolcott VT – See the new basement foundation?

details, details

This house is full of architectural details & original windows.

front door

The doors and windows are secure and blocked. Someone still cares about this house.

front door

Looking up at the entryway.


Side view.

windows & shutter

Original window, storm, and shutter in disrepair.

altered windows on the rear

Possibly a kitchen window over a sink on the interior. Maybe this window was simply turned 90 degrees (see the change in clapboard pattern).


Another view of the front and side, with the basement foundation.

interior view through broken window

Interior view through broken window. Organized and stripped, but work was ongoing at some point.

work underway once upon a time

Plaster ceiling, beadboard, stacked wood.


Weathered clapboard.

The house appears square and in good condition still; here’s to hoping its owners return.