Sunday Churches

Churches are often photographed for Preservation in Pink, so here’s a good round up of beautiful architecture for good thoughts from all seasons.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Churches

  1. Ann Cousins says:

    What a great collection! Preservation Trust of VT has, or is, working with 13 of these. When you look at these beautiful buildings–many with passionate, but dwindling, congregations–you do everything you can to help!

    • Kaitlin says:

      13 out of 18 – that’s impressive, considering only 16 of them are in Vermont (I threw in a random New York & an even more random Alabama church). I hope Bethel is one of the ones you are working with — when I was photographing it, I noticed the tower is sort of leaning and the stained glass windows need help, too!

      • Ann Cousins says:

        I just checked my notes..I was last there in 2009. Thanks for the heads up (pun) on the leaning tower. I just emailed my contact on the vestry and will plan to visit, soon! This one is such a gem inside–frozen in time.

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