Preservation Pop Quiz & Abandoned Vermont

A double post: what is this abandoned structure? It is located in Florence, VT. The building is built into a hill, so the side not shown has only small windows. Any guesses?




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9 thoughts on “Preservation Pop Quiz & Abandoned Vermont

  1. John Hlumyk says:

    Icehouse perhaps? Is there a body of water nearby that freezes during the winter? Who am I kidding, everything freezes in Vermont during the winter.

  2. Sabra Smith says:

    And my guess was going to be that it’s a sort of a timeline structure — to me that heavy-built foundation just does not belong with that flimsy wooden hat that it’s wearing — suggesting to my imagination that there was once something quite grand there that burned or was destroyed in some way, then abandoned, then someone took over the property and with limited funds plopped that structure on top. The two doors almost suggest an old schoolhouse, in the days where there was a boy entrance and a girl entrance….

    I’ll be curious to hear the history when you discover it!

  3. Kaitlin says:

    If I can match this correctly to the Rutland County Historic Sites book, this is a 1910 church built in the Neo-Gothic Revival style featuring rusticated stone and marble. I’ll see what else I can find.

  4. Julie says:

    I lived next to it for many years. It was Saint Theresa Catholic Church in Florence, VT. Omya bought it (as with other properties) and uses it for storage.

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