Abandoned Vermont: Roxbury House

A beautiful house in Roxbury, Vermont that seems to be sound, strong and well-worth someone’s investment, albeit in need of some repairs. And it is in desperate need of an new color scheme, but that’s my entirely subjective opinion.

Roxbury house.

Side of the house and matching garage.

Front porch – someone fix that post!

Front entrance porch of the house.

One of the few original windows remaining on this house. The white vinyl replacements aren’t do the house any favors.

Stained glass window on the rear of the house.

Side porch.

Details everywhere.

Looking through a window.

Painted clapboards and weathered paint.

A large house this is, but a beauty. Anyone interested?


10 thoughts on “Abandoned Vermont: Roxbury House

  1. Northern New England Villages says:

    We are seeing this happening in our town where some of the finest residences are coming up for sale usually because the elderly owners passed away or moved. Their children have long since left and only return to dispose of the house and belongings. In the worst case scenario, the owner dies and the house lingers in limbo as heirs bicker over this-that-or-the-other.

    In one strange case, a gentleman owns a house, not much different from this one, that has literally fallen into a neighboring home, yet does nothing as it continues to deteriorate–roof leaking, windows broken, etc. The home is one good nor-easter away from total collapse. He apparently owns a few homes, all in the same sad state of disrepair. We wonder what makes a person do that?

    • Kaitlin says:

      I always wonder the same things. It seems to often be one of the two cases you mentioned: the family doesn’t want to house or someone wants to cause trouble just for the heck of it.

  2. Gary Tracy says:

    That was my grandparent’s house back in the 1950s — pictures bring back some great memories. When my grandfather (Jesse Spaulding) died, the house was sold. Very sorry to see it abandoned.

  3. name required says:

    This house was foreclosed by bank. Widow could no longer afford payments, and abandoned. Is was put for auction for 60k but nobody bid. It might be still for sale for a song. Make your own offer via bank’s lawyer.

    It has foam insulation inside walls, which is now banned. You would have to remove it. Huge task to restore!

    Property is small, right in the center of village. At 2k a year, property taxes are insane for the area. Sewer may be a problem, since it is rocky area.

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