Preservation Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: brick bonds. Found in Middlebury, VT.

Consider this pop quiz week, kids. If you have recently had midterms, I hope they went well. Try this one without worry of affecting your GPA. PiP is a learning environment.

On that note, describe this brick wall: bond, design, and anything else about bricks. Have fun.


6 thoughts on “Preservation Pop Quiz

  1. Suzassippi says:

    Bond is distinguished by alternating rows of stretchers (the narrow side of the brick when it is lying flat) and headers (the end of the brick when it is lying flat.)

  2. jane says:

    Often the bricks that make the diagonals stand out are the burnt bricks from the firing. These seem awfully black which makes me wonder if they were fired of different clay? of with different wood, perhaps coal? I also wonder about the date of this – clearly as it is in Middlebury, it is not of Dutch construction in the Hudson River watershed. It is inspired by that brick work? by someone who has migrated into the area?
    The size and irregularity of the brick lead me to believe it is pre-1860, pre full scale Industrial production of brick.
    No matter! It is beautiful work. I’d like to stand there with the mason, admire his handiwork with him, and thank him.

  3. Devin says:

    One of my favorite descriptive terms…diapering!
    [An overall pattern with small repeated motifs, especially on a rectangular or diagonal grid]

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