Abandoned Vermont: Simonsville Meeting House

Churches and meeting houses and similar institutional buildings are so often neglected and used only sporadically as populations and congregations age, people move elsewhere and the community shifts. Sometimes the building no longer serves a purpose to the community or people favor a new building over their historic buildings. So it sits, awaiting use and suffers from the elements. The Simonsville Meeting House in Windsor County, VT is an example of a building that fell out of use.

Simonsville Meeting House in Windsor County, VT, constructed 1848.

Leaning steeple and roof repair.

Chipped and peeling paint on the clapboards.

Looking up from the back of the meeting house.

On the side of the building are large shutters over the top sashes.

View through the side windows.

Front door knob.

Closer view of the steeple.

Record shot.

The building seems solid and square still, assuming the roof repairs are maintained and the steeple is repaired. Anyone have creative ideas for an adaptive reuse project?