Abandoned Vermont: Granville Inn

Located on Vermont Route 100, Granville is a small Vermont town composed of villages that relied on saw mills and gristmills for their livelihoods. This abandoned building is a ca. 1840 inn.

Abandoned in Granville, VT as seen from the road.

Record shot, showing 5×6 bays.

Front porch. Sidelights are hidden, but appear to be intact.

clapboard ceiling

Some sill work. Perhaps someone began or is beginning rehabilitation.

Second story window.

abandoned work on this abandoned house? Note where an addition has been removed.

Alligatoring, weathered paint: typical of many neglected or abandoned buildings.

Such a nice building, with the appearance of strong bones & structure. Maybe there is hope for this building on a well-traveled scenic route.


5 thoughts on “Abandoned Vermont: Granville Inn

  1. Paula Sagerman says:

    I can’t believe how bad this building looks. It was okay 5-10 years ago and in such a well-traveled location that I thought for sure someone would save it.

  2. simplyjessJessica says:

    What I’ve been told is that there’s no way to get it up to code. It’s sandwiched very tightly between rt100 and the river (with Post Offiice Rd & a house on the other 2 sides) and there’s literally nowhere to go to install water, septic, etc.
    I agree, it’s so sad. Every time I go home to visit, I try to figure out what could be done to make use of the building.

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