Summer Swimming Spot

Covered Bridge in Waterville, VT.

Welcome to the dog days of summer, as they say. Or at least another heat wave. How do you combat the heat? Everyone has a favorite place in the summer, and probably a favorite place to swim. Where is yours? Do you prefer the ocean, a lake, a river or would you rather be in chlorinated waters?

I’ve discussed my love of the ocean at length, but I’ll admit that I’m partial to it because of my childhood connections. Though I can imagine why people might prefer other spots.  A clear, cool flowing river and a swimming spot beneath a covered bridge seems like a perfect summer afternoon, too. Or sailing on a lake and enjoying calm waters – how peaceful the vistas must be. And of course, the fun filled childhood days of backyard pools and playing games like Marco Polo or practicing the perfect dive, racing back and forth from end to end of a pool, sitting on the deck with popsicle in hand – sounds like a good day, too.

The Atlantic Ocean from Robert Moses State Park, NY.

Why do I ask your favorite swimming spot? The places in our lives that serve as the setting for our memories and our foundations, are perhaps not all of historic significance, but important nonetheless because that is where our memories live. So while you might think of a lake as a place to swim and I might think of the ocean, if we share our memories and our stories, we can collectively appreciate them, learn about each other and perhaps find more places to love.


6 thoughts on “Summer Swimming Spot

  1. Jim says:

    I grew up in northern Indiana, so naturally we swam in Lake Michigan. My family liked to drive up to “St. Joe” (St. Joseph, Michigan) but really the lakeshore in Indiana was closer and when I go to the lake today I drive up to Mt. Baldy near Michigan City. You have to be bold to swim in Lake Michigan before August, because that lake is mighty cold until then. It takes a lot of hot summer days to heat up that much water.

    • Kaitlin says:

      I remember the ocean being so cold as a kid, but never caring as long as we had some good waves. But it always warmed up at the end of the summer, as you say about Lake Michigan. Then the days were perfect.

  2. A.E.Funk says:

    Napatree in Watch Hill, Rhode Island! The perfect french fries or an ice cream (made in-house) from St. Clair’s afterward make for a great summer evening.

    Or maybe swimming off of Sandy Point, the island that used to be connected to Napatree before the ’38 Hurricane…although it’s essentially the same body of water.

  3. Paula Sagerman says:

    Wards Cove on Lake Whitingham. When the water is low enough, a nice sandy beach is exposed. Just don’t wander too far along the big rocks or you’ll wind up at the nudist spot!

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