Abandoned Vermont: Weathersfield House

Some abandoned houses are more striking than others, so obviously beautiful that you cannot help but stop and gaze for a while. Others make less of a statement to a passerby, but have a story to tell all the same. And sometimes you come across a house with an odd feeling about it. This house in Weathersfield felt that way to me.

Weathersfield, VT

The side of house – part of the roof has collapsed in the ell.

Cornice returns, intact paired brackets and pilasters accompanied by a large antenna.

An abandoned children’s picnic table makes this story seem even sadder. Also note the detailed porch posts, ending at the bay window on the main block of the house.

Wood windows remain, appearing some shade of green.

What was it about this house that felt eerie or sad? Further gazing revealed that this house falls into the category of those abandoned houses that are simply trashed to pieces, broken and vandalized for no purpose, and essentially left for ruin. A look inside any window could tell you that. And this house had been stripped of its aluminum siding, revealing metallic insulation beneath and clapboards in great condition. Someone methodically removed all of the metal on this house, as if they were leaving on bad terms or knew no one was coming back for the house.


almost all stripped, except for a few pieces here and there.

Just a glimpse through the window of the completely trashed house.

What do you make of places like this? Do they strike you the same way? Interestingly enough, this house probably looks much better without its aluminum siding, thereby elevating its visible potential. Thoughts?