Abandoned Vermont: South Ryegate Church

Located in South Ryegate, this 1880 church is a landmark from many vantage points. This is the First Presbyterian Church, but has not been used as a church in years. However, it’s still in good condition (with some repair and maintenance needed) and is an impressive building. Perhaps what is most striking about this building is just how much wood is on it, from the clapboards to the brackets to the lintels to the entrance hood to the buttresses, everything is wood and detailed.

A friendly neighbor who keeps an out for the church showed me around. According the him, the church has not held services in many years and was deconsecrated in the early 2000s. There is another Presbyterian Church nearby that is still in use. Although in good condition, the building has been the victim of some interior vandalism. The neighbor seemed hopeful for a brighter future for this building.

First Prebyterian Church, South Ryegate, VT.

The front entrance.

Note the brackets are holding brackets.

Huge granite blocks serve as the walkways.

The parsonage behind the church.

As a result of Tropical Storm Irene flooding, the brook behind the church changed course and now runs underneath the parsonage.

The interior of the church shows wear and the need for maintenance, but overall appears to be in sound condition and very much intact.

Simply beautiful. Who wants a former church?

What a magnificent structure, don’t you think? If you’re in South Ryegate, this is definitely worth a look. Because of its seemingly sound structure and historic significance and integrity, it would be shame for this church to remain unused and abandoned.