Preservation Pop Quiz Answer

Last week’s Preservation Pop Quiz asked you to identify this feature:

The clue was that it’s seen on the side of the road, and frequently, at least up here in Vermont. Most guesses related to highway markers or survey markers. That was my first guess, as well, but when I looked closer there were no indications of road markers. Instead, it looks like this:

Admittedly, the quiz did not show that side of the post. Now that you’ve seen it, any guesses?  How about this one?  To answer some likely questions: it is constructed of concrete. The plaques are metal and yes, have long since faded. Some of these that I’ve seen on these Vermont highways have crumbled or cracked. Others are missing the bottom half of the concrete posts, revealing the one metal reinforcing rod.


What has faded? The bell telephone logo. These concrete posts identify utility lines along the road. While they look oddly similar to highway markers, I have not seen any with that would indicate as such. Have you?

So what are they? Telephone utility line markers is my best guess. All of these concrete posts that I have seen have similar plaques and faded bell telephone symbols. What do you think? Are you in agreement? Or do you think it’s something else?