What is Your Community Wish?

It’s summertime (just about) and the weather beckons us to appreciate our downtowns and the surrounding landscapes, whether you prefer strolling in the commercial district, spending the day in a park or taking an adventure. What is your favorite summertime activity? How do you show your love for your community?

Strolling through historic downtown St. Albans, VT.

Part of loving your community means considering where it is going. What would you like to change about where you live, or what would you like to add? Maybe it’s something as simple as benches in the park. Or maybe you’d like to see more businesses in town. Perhaps a historic building in town needs some help. Get out, enjoy the sunshine and daydream about your “ideal” place to live. You never know, you could be thinking the same thing as many others. Don’t be afraid to bring up your idea.


6 thoughts on “What is Your Community Wish?

  1. Mark J says:

    More foliage in the downtown areas – preferably trees since they provide shade at the side walk. Once urban trees are taken down for one reason or another – they usually don’t get replanted. Need more green!

  2. jane says:

    1) trees planted where they don’t obscure sight lines for great churches and public buildings. I am thinking of several in Bennington which become invisible when the trees leaf out.
    2) a band concert one evening a week with ‘sing along’ music for everyone on the steps and porch of the town hall – lots of visibility as you come down the street, but doesn’t need to block traffic

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