Preservation Photos #135

An interior room in the Castle Hill Resort & Spa in Ludlow, VT. It is a National Trust for Historic Preservation Historic Hotel of America.


9 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #135

  1. Kaitlin says:

    This is one of the few rooms that truly stunned me; I cannot imagine living like that – or staying there for that matter. I only visited the hotel, without an overnight stay. If only!

  2. tenacioustins says:

    I work for this place and it is truly stunning. The ceilings are like this throughout the whole place. Each room is decorated to the full extent in period time. Some of the bathrooms are modernized to make the stay more comfortable. It is an exquisite and history filled place…so very cool. I only do the laundry for the place, but I have gotten to take a tour of all the rooms and they are just gorgeous.

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