Abandoned Vermont: Sudbury House

Located in Sudbury, Vermont, this house is barely noticeable if you aren’t looking for it. It sits on a hill with a beautiful view.

On the hill.

Located in Sudbury, Vermont.

The paint on the side elevations has weathered much faster than that on the front facade. You can see clearly in this image that the ell had other additions (probably covered bays for equipment or vehicle storage).

That porch is barely hanging on to the house; its posts are scattered elsewhere. You can also see the wood windows and wood storms intact.

Front porch detail. These Italiante porches would have been added later, probably at the same time the windows and doors were replaced.

View to the main block from the ell. Note the different window styes.

Window on the ell with a 12/12 sash, and working shutters. These are seen on the rear elevations – they were replaced by the 2/2 sashes on the more visible sides, which was common practice.

View looking through the sidelights from the porch. From the looks of it, at least some of this house has been modernized and perhaps not abandoned for too long.

Though in need of repair, this one strikes me as an abandoned house (or neglected house) that stands a chance if someone acts soon. What potential! Do you have any information about the status of this house?