Abandoned Vermont: Weathersfield House

This house is located in Weathersfield and is a curious case. I don’t know the story of this house but surrounding properties are in good condition and inhabited. This house appears to have been lived in within the past few years. When I see a house like this, I generally assume that the owners could not longer afford the upkeep and just left or an older person passed away and the family does not know what to do with the property.

As seen from the road. It is quite the large house.

The front entrance. Note the door surround with sidelights and a transom, weathered clapboards, wood windows beneath the aluminum storms, brick foundation and stone steps.

Peeking through the sidelights shows the worn staircase, banister and decorative newel post, wallpapered walls at the landing, and a light fixture in the top left of this image.

This is an interesting house, as all of the windows appear to be recently painted and well maintained, as if the house were recently occupied.

The gutters and drains remain attached.

The side of the house looking to the rear shows a less maintained facade. A wing has been removed and the ell in the forefront shows signs of deterioration.

Barns adjacent to the house that are occupied and maintained.

The rear of the house with the same well maintained windows (for the most part) and the deteriorating ell (look to the left).

Would anyone like to guess a date of construction? How about the architectural style?  Update: My quick guesses were a bit off. See Ann’s comment below for the history and construction date. And note that the house is in foreclosure (therefore, in need of an owner!).