Abandoned Vermont: Clarendon Church

Located in East Clarendon near the Kingsley Covered Bridge and Kingsley Grist Mill, this ca. 1890 Queen Anne church sits lonely on the side of the road. It’s not hidden in the woods or down a dirt road, which makes me wonder why it’s not being used. I cannot find any information about the owner or the fate of this building. Based on other images I could find, this church has been boarded up for at least six years (though I’d guess many more). If you have any information, please share.

East Clarendon Church. (Please excuse the blur from the lens.)

The applied woodwork on the steeple reminds me of a snowflake.

Weathered clapboard with barely any paint remaining.

No signs of use, but at least someone mows the lawn. If you look closely, you can see that the slate roof is still in good condition.

This church is a great candidate for adaptive reuse. Hopefully something will be done soon, as junction between the steeple and front facade reveal deterioration, likely from snow and rain accumulating.

This church is listed in the Vermont State Register of Historic Places.