Home Sweet Home

How did you enjoy the hop, skip & jump across the United States last week? Thank you, again, to our hosts, Ali & Hume, Maria, Sarah & Jen for sharing their homes in the House Hopping with Preservationists series. And as nice as it to take a trip somewhere, it is always sweet to return home. I hope you all want to give your homes a hug and smile while you sit in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or whatever your favorite room is.

Last week, like many northerners this time of year, we headed to the Caribbean, in particular the U.S. Virgin Islands. And we relaxed in the sun on beautiful beaches and did our best to avoid reality for the week. We had time for hiking, photographing the scenery and gazing at the beautiful blue waters. We couldn’t believe the water actually looks like it does in pictures. We strolled through historic districts and among historic ruins in the Virgin Islands National Park and have many photographs to share.

View in the US Virgin Islands National Park in St. John. No photo editing needed to get these colors.

And as wonderful as a vacation it, we are always happy to come home to our house, our cats, our lives and our favorite state of Vermont, even though stepping back into reality is not easy.

Have a lovely Monday afternoon.