Red & Green Richmond Truss

Perhaps a red and green bridge is more appropriate for Christmas than February but who doesn’t want to see a bridge that is currently two colors?

The Bridge Street truss bridge in Richmond, Vermont is currently half green & half red.

It is currently undergoing a rehabilitation project.

Red or green? Which do you think is the new color?

View looking away from Richmond Village.

Red is the new color of the bridge. It stirred quite the debate in Richmond.

Who likes a red truss bridge? I do! Or do you prefer green? How about half and half? It’ll be two colors for a while since painting in February isn’t ideal. In the meantime, it is a funny sight. Learn more about the project here.


9 thoughts on “Red & Green Richmond Truss

    • Kaitlin says:

      Green is the traditional color in Vermont, as well. It seems like red would stand out, but in my opinion, this shade of red still fits in nicely with the landscape. And it is different — clearly, Richmond loves its bridge.

  1. Mark says:

    Don’t like the red, it reminds me of primer. I read the link provided and saw that the change in colour was a decision made by the selectboard. I’m not an expert on Vermont politics, but aren’t bridges and such a DOT issue, meaning state rather than local ?? Green has long been the norm for bridges (over much/most of the northeast), so red would be a notable departure…

  2. Thomas Rosell says:

    Very cool! Is the sheet metal is hung down the center of the bridge part some work scaffolding? Or is it something more permanent?

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