Roof over a Roof

Moisture can cause snowballing, extremely expensive damage in any buildings. A leaky roof can turn into the root of all moisture problems. So, what to do when you’re in a pinch and need a creative solution for your roof. Check out this house in Addison County, Vermont.

A new metal roof on this old house -- but why does it look a bit off?

At first glance it looks at though this house simply has a new roof, right? But something looks out of the ordinary. If you zoom into the picture, you gain a better vantage point.

A roof over a roof?

And it looks as though a roof structure (more like a cover, if you will) is resting on the house’s actual, likely failed, roof below it. Interesting! The disclaimer is that I took this picture from the road, so I cannot confirm my guess. Regardless, it seems like an excellent temporary solution! It is sturdier than a tarp, that’s for sure. Anyone agree?