Newfane Bridge

Sending some Christmas cheer from Vermont, historic bridge style. Combining inspiration from Preservation Photos #110 and #111, here is a concrete post & metal tube railing bridge located in the Village of South Newfane. These photographs were taken on a rainy December day, but the lack of sun allowed the bridge details and the color of the concrete and metal to pop. Take a look at this lovely bridge.

Bridge marker. Constructed in 1945.

View from the west. This bridge fits into the village nicely.

Looking east from the other side of the bridge.

Nice view through the railing.

View looking west, standing in the middle of the bridge. Note the narrow sidewalks and the drainage beneath the sidewalks.

Railing detail. You can slightly see the curvature of the bridge, too.

Looking down at the concrete post and metal railing.

More connection details.

It's camouflage with the landscape this time of year.

A former highway marker adjacent to the bridge.

What do you think of such bridges? Are you ready to love them, too?