Go Annie!

Preservation in Pink is breaking form today to congratulate my sister Annie, a member of the USA Skeleton Team. Today she finished in 2nd place at the World Cup Race in La Plagne, France. This is her first podium finish, her best finish ever AND to top that off, she broke the start record for this track.

Follow Annie’s progress this 2011-2012 season by finding her athlete page on Facebook. The other sisters and I are posting race updates, links to articles and how to watch Annie’s races.  For the most recent race in France, head over to FIBT Live TV. For Run 1, find “Women’s Skeleton – 1st Run, La Plagne, France.” Watch the beginning for a head first view of what a skeleton/bobsled track is like. Find Annie’s run at about 24:20 in the video. For Run 2, find “Women’s Skeleton – 2nd run, La Plagne, France.” She comes up around 46:25. This run is where she breaks the start record.

Annie O'Shea (USA) in 2nd, Mellissa Hollingsworth (CAN) in 1st, Katie Uhlaender (USA) in 3rd.

Congratulations, Annie! We’re all so proud!