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Dubuque Main Street (of Dubuque, Iowa) features an excerpt from the Muppets (2011) post in its December 2011 e-newsletter (click to read). I’ve always loved Iowa (partially because of Field of Dreams, but also because of the time I spent in Iowa while living in Nebraska), so I’m psyched to have PiP featured in this newsletter.

Show some love and check out the newsletter to learn about Dubuque’s holiday festivities, local shopping and holiday decorations. Visit the website to learn a bit about Dubuque, too.  Here’s a snippet about the Main Street movement in Dubuque to get you started:

In the 1960s and ’70s Dubuque, like many cities across the country, experienced a polarization of its retail trade from downtown to new development on its west side. This shift led to a dramatic demise of downtown with first floor vacancy levels reaching 55% and a loss of anchor department stores.

Realizing that property owners, business owners and the City needed to work together; a coordinating committee was formed in 1984. Community leaders agreed the Main Street program would act as a timely catalyst for economic development and downtown revitalization for Dubuque

In 1985, Dubuque was chosen by the National Trust’s Demonstration Program to be one of seven pilot cities for the Urban Main Street program. Following the program step by step, Dubuque Main Street has provided structure and unity to a downtown composed of many separate parts. After 26 years of success, downtown Dubuque, the longest standing urban program, has seen a dramatic renaissance, leading the state of Iowa in Main Street investment.

I haven’t been to Dubuque in about 5.5 years and my stay was brief; thus, my knowledge is limited. After doing some browsing about the city, it seems to be a midwestern gem filled with great architecture, cultural events, tourist attractions and recreational activities, all set on the Mississippi River in this hilly eastern Iowa city. Dubuque has won awards from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is ranked high for economic growth and employment opportunities. Check out this BBC video, “How A Midwestern Town Reinvented Itself.”

Neat! I think I’ll add it on my list of places to visit. Thanks Dubuque Main Street  for reintroducing me to the city.