Abandoned Vermont: Rockingham House

Seen in the greater town of Rockingham, Vermont: an absolutely beautiful, seemingly abandoned house. I don’t know anything about this house, but I couldn’t stop staring at it, even from a distance. It’s breathtaking.

Beautifully isolated. The windows are right under the cornice, which dates the house back about 200 years. Amazing.

The front door.

Front door knob.

Note the wood storm windows still hanging, missing the glass panes.

Storm window, wood clapboards, brick foundation.

Rusted farm equipment surrounding the house.

Side of the house, with a view of the rear wing.

A rear window is 12/12, whereas most of the others are 6/6.

View from the rear of the house.

A view into the house through a window; someone cared enough to work on it fairly recently.

This is one of the houses that I truly love for its beauty and intrigue. It ranks as one of my favorites.