Pop Quiz: What is That?

Sometimes even rehabilitated buildings have little quirks that make you stare and ask, “What is that?” Sitting in a cafe in Bellows Falls, I looked up at the ceiling of this interesting historic building. I wondered what the circles on the ceilings were. They lined the original store front at the ceiling appeared to be capped (with some exposed insulation). A preservation colleague and I stared for a while, contemplating what it could be.  Take a look at these photographs and see if you can guess and come up with what we did.





In full disclosure, my colleague suggested the answer. I agreed. Do you know? Do you give up?  Want the answer?

We figured it was recessed lighting for the previous store (obviously the lights are not historic features of the building). If it’s that obvious – to our credit, we hadn’t eaten all day long.  Buildings are always entertaining.


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