Open for Traffic

The ribbon cutting ceremony started just a bit after 2:30pm on November 7, 2011. Politicians and a few community members spoke. The governors shook hands. The crowd cheered and a boy determined to be the first one over the bridge ran ahead of everyone after the ribbon was cut. After a cloudy morning, the sun shined brightly, accompanying the typical November breeze over Lake Champlain.

With freshly painted lines, Route 17 awaits automobile traffic and the newly welcomed pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Looking to Vermont Route 17 East.

Looking across from Vermont - a few hours before the bridge is open to traffic.

My last ferry trip from Chimney Point to Crown Point. The ferry would shut down soon after the bridge opened.

The ceremony took place in New York, adjacent to the old Tollhouse, which is currently the Lake Champlain Information Center. The crowd walked across the bridge from New York to Vermont, some on the sidewalks and some in the middle of the road. A few 1929 cars and 1929ers (those who attended the 1929 bridge opening ceremony) drove across before the bridge followed by other classic cars. Pedestrians were given enough time to stroll across and gaze at the bridge before normal traffic began. What a spectacular event. I was so glad to be a part of it. It is hard to believe that this bridge is built and open already. Wow!

The crowd begins the walk across the bridge.

Walking from New York to Vermont.

One of the 1929 cars.

Wide sidewalks on both sides!

Another view in the center span.

Under the arch.

Looking back from Vermont.

Still in the middle of the roadway!

Just one of the beautiful vistas from the bridge (looking north on Lake Champlain).

What a day. I love it. The communities are so happy. It may not seem historic yet, but I bet everyone there remembers this day for his/her entire life.