More on the Hardwick Stove

Last week I wrote about my mysterious stove/oven manufactured by the Hardwick Stove Company. Thank you to Elyse for comments. However, I realized that more pictures would be helpful for accurate guesses. Rather than ramble on without images, here are some photos of the unit and a description to the best of my ability. Click on any image to enlarge (and then you should be able to zoom in from there.)

Just a refresher: the hood is not part of the stove/oven unit.

The gas burners when the metal plate is lifted. There are four burners.

The oven is on the right, and a compartment box is on the left. There is a lever that says open/shut. Don't mind Izzy - she just likes to get in the way. Beneath the left door is a storage compartment. Beneath the oven is a broiler.

Another shot, but Izzy is in the way...

A close up of the box when opened. I believe it has wood ashes, but since I know nothing of this stove, I'm not making any bets.

When you lift up one of the warming plates, this is what appears below.

Any thoughts? I’ve just found, so perhaps I’ll find some leads there. Thank you readers for being my sounding board on this matter. I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the puzzle.


6 thoughts on “More on the Hardwick Stove

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Kaitlin!
    Tom in NH here, I have the Hardwick stove that you saw on the My Antique Stove web site. How exciting!!! Yes they do look to be the same with some small differences. I did a lot of work on my Hardwick and was planning to use it in the new house I am building.

    But I found a different stove that is also a combo wood/ coal/ gas stove. It’s a Bengal, it’s smaller than the Hardwick. It’s a very tiny house I’m building. The Bengal fits the style of the house better. I restored the Bengal last winter and put it into use in the spring. It is the 3rd stove I have restored, the 1’st was a Glenwood all wood cookstove, that was a fun project.You can see the Bengal here in this photo album on FB

    That being said I have the Hardwick in storage, I just took some new pictures of it with the intent to list it for sale. I would LOVE to see it go to good use, would you like to have it? Since you have an almost identical stove you can have it for free, just come on over and pick it up. You can use it for parts, a guest house, or whatever.

    603 284-6098

  2. Dusty says:

    I just bought a hardwick almost identical to this for 50 dollars. if you haven’t solved the riddle of the info tag yet I found mine in the top burner compatment. Under the right rear burner towards the back. Its on the flat and I can’t make out the info on it too well. If you can make out all of the info on yours do you think you can post it? Maybe it will put me closer to getting parts for mine, thank you

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