Preservation Photos #93

A house in East Burke, VT. I'd call it Greek Revival in the transition stage to Queen Anne - Greek Revival for the door and window surrounds. Queen Anne for the vergeboard and 6/1 windows. Anyone else?

5 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #93

  1. Thomas Rosell says:

    The replacement windows make it harder to date the building. Do you know if they match the originals?

    • Kaitlin says:

      Thomas, excellent point. I’ve heard the windows are replacements. I do not know what they originally were. What do you think? Still, I’d say there is some Queen Anne influence in the house.

      • Thomas Rosell says:

        I would guess that the original windows would have been six over six. The replacement six over one definitely add an air of Queen Anne style. It really goes to show how important windows are to style!

        I would say originally the house is more Gothic Revival influence than Queen Anne. Gothic Revival or Carpenter Gothic came right on the heels of Greek Revival. This is a great house that shows transition in architectural tastes.

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