Mr. Stilts Goes to Disney World

While in Florida, I figured it quite appropriate to tote around Mr. Stilts (Florida = flamingos, yes? and Disney World = I can be a kid, right?). I managed to get the entire family in on taking pictures of Mr. Stilts throughout the Disney parks. Here are some of the highlights.

At the Contemporary Hotel, one of the original Disney World hotels.

Waiting for the monorail that stops inside the Contemporary hotel.

At the entrance of the Magic Kingdom.

In front of the Hollywood Tower of Tower ride - the best ride in the world - at Disney's Hollywood Studios (MGM).

Hanging out in the fountain with the Muppet characters.

Hilarious. In the Muppet store.

Playing miniature golf.

Running (pardon the blurriness) through a crazy Florida storm after mini golf.

One of the best things about Disney hotels? The animal towel creations.

After the Splash Mountain ride in Magic Kingdom. Flamingo & coffee - awesome.

Donald Duck and Mr. Stilts -- Donald must have thought I was crazy.

And there you have it. Quite the vacation for the little guy. So much so that his leg fell off. We were all strolling through Disney Studios one afternoon and all of a sudden his leg was on the ground; it seemed to slip right out of his body! Fortunately, we had a small sewing kit in the hotel room and I was able to perform emergency surgery. Don’t worry: in middle school, I took home economics (called “Home & Careers” at that time) and one of my projects was sewing a stuffed animal (a duck, if you’re wondering) by hand. I had faith in my ability to sew a few stitches.

Yikes! And this was only day one!

This one looks more drastic.

Thank goodness for pink thread!

And after a few stitches, Mr. Stilts was good as new to continue trekking around Disney World.

Outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Flying over the boardwalk.

Where will Mr. Stilts go next?!


3 thoughts on “Mr. Stilts Goes to Disney World

  1. Sarah says:

    Kate you are too funny. I can’t believe his leg fell off. All that walking around Disney will do it to you. haha

  2. Erin says:

    hahaha! thank goodness his leg was able to be reattached! And I think the picture with Donald Duck was the absolute best, he definitely had to think you were a nut

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