Pro Preservation Advertisement

These ads are all over the Dulles International Airport. They made my night! How cool is this to see in a public space? Love it.


2 thoughts on “Pro Preservation Advertisement

  1. Andrew Deci says:

    Bingo! Siemens has had this campaign going for the last year or so–I first saw them at RIC last fall. It’s great to see the value of older structures for their efficiency being used as a marketing angle for such a large corporation. Hope this keeps up.

    Of course, the challenge of educating our local citizens about the considerable energy efficiency that can be achieved with non-destructive improvements and repairs to their local structures is harder. Big corporations can take on costs–while our local owners are still challenged by the opportunity of cheap, easily-installable vinyl windows and in-sensitive cladding treatments.

    I just hope that our movement won’t move too far in only advocating for preservation based on sustainability–we have so much more to offer than that.

    • Kaitlin says:

      Andrew, I, too, sometimes think that perhaps preservation is compromising itself in order to get along with sustainability and green initiatives (how overused are those terms anyway?). And preservation is about much more than sustainability. I think as a field we’re just using what works now. And it is doing wonders for HP, though we have to be careful to not lose the big picture.

      Vinyl windows are the bane of my preservation existence. And vinyl siding. Both drive me insane because people just have such a hard time believing that vinyl = bad. How?! It is PLASTIC.

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