Abandoned Vermont: Hogback Mountain Ski Area

On Route 9 - Abandoned Hogback Ski Area.

If you drive on Vermont Route 9 (aka the Molly Stark Byway), from Brattleboro to Bennington, you’ll pass through Marlboro, VT. Along the side of the road we came across a building that said “Hogback Ski Area.”  Sitting next to the building are some remains of the lift line machinery. The picture isn’t great due to sunlight and the fact that I took the picture within the highway right-of-way. You can see historic images on the UVM Landscape Change site – type in “Hogback Mountain Ski” if the link doesn’t work.

Hogback Ski Area.

Not being a skier, I knew nothing of Hogback Mountain. But, I was able to find some history of the ski area: it operated from 1946 – 1986, closing due to rising operating and insurance costs. Read more of the history here. Recently the Hogback Mountain Conservation Association has secured the 591 acre parcel as a conservation area. A permanent conservation easement is held by the Vermont Land Trust and Vermont Housing and Conservation Board.

Just east of this building is the 100 mile view restaurant (though it appeared closed when we drove by) and a rest stop/gift shop/scenic turnout. The views are certainly worth a stop.

Heading towards the 100 mile view restaurant and scenic overlook (eastbound). You can see the restaurant sign in the trees if you look closely. The wood sign (in front of the red building) mentions ski trails.

If you have more information, stories, or better photographs of this site, please let me know!

9 thoughts on “Abandoned Vermont: Hogback Mountain Ski Area

  1. Bridgewright says:

    That section of the Molly has some of the longest easily accessible views in Vermont, making it all that much harder to understand how it is no one can make a go of Hogback.

    Has me wonder why every time I round that bend.

    • Dennis Brogan says:

      Does any one know where i might be able to get an old Hogback ski map, or maybe even a copy of one? I’d appreciate any help on this request. Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    I work at a ski area in New Hampshire, and I passed by this on a trip to an art museum in mass. I was very interested in it, it was actually my favorite part of that whole trip. I’m a lift operator and I work with a lift mechanic whos knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. I asked him about this place and he gave me the name of it, and told me that guests parked at the restaurant. There were two lifts. One is still standing (the one you can see from the road) and the other one was torn down. One of them was a chairlift, the other one I think was a j-bar. Don’t know which one is still standing though. The owners of the restaurant should know alot more. To my knowledge, the restaurant is still open.

    • megvermont says:

      Hogback Ski Area operated from (I think) the 1940’s through about 1970 when the Hamilton/White families stopped operating due, they said, to the cost of insurance and also to some low-snow winters. With no snowmaking equipment, they couldn’t keep operating reliably. It was a lot of fun to ski there – yes one lift was a J or T bar. The same families owned the nearby Skyline Restaurant (“with a 100 mile view”) and it was a reliable, friendly place to go for good quality meals – esp. breakfast!

        • megvermont says:

          No unfortunately Skyline with its simple “home cooking” stopped operating. In Wilmington, you can get a good breakfast at the Cup and Saucer just north of the center of town on Route 100 – many pancake choices but you’ll pay extra for maple syrup. And Dot’s Restaurant in the center of town – ruined by Irene flooding – is being rebuilt this year so stop in there for their McDot’s breakfast sandwich or their berry berry pancakes.

          • Kaitlin says:

            thanks for the recommendations! I’ll be in Wilmington in June for the Preservation Trust of Vermont annual conference.

  3. Greg A says:

    Hey Folks,

    Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the Skyline was a real focus point for me to bring my Japanese clients to or Japanese friends when I lived in Agawam, Massachusetts. I have lived in Thailand for almost 15 years now, and am sad to hear that the Skyline is shut down. I understand there are many good pancake/breakfast diners in that general area, but what was always very important to me was the gorgeous view of nearly 100 miles, and I always waited for a window seat.

    Can anyone tell me of any such great food breakfast/pancake diners/restaurants (old-style) with such a view in that Bennington, VT area, or another great location in VT or New Hampshire?

    I am coming back to the New England area this Fall and again, early Spring 2016, and will bring a bunch of Thai friends. I want to give them a taste of authentic New England taste, plus a spectacular view, if possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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