Abandoned Vermont: House on Route 107

Located on a curve on a narrow road, this was not the easiest place to photograph, nor the best location for a house, but it caught my eye on Route 107. Luckily, there was a spot on the side of the road to pull over.

Looking at the side of the house.

An ell addition.

It appears that all architectural elements have been stripped from the house or destroyed.

Again, another unidentified house from my travels. If I find information, I’ll add it here.

14 thoughts on “Abandoned Vermont: House on Route 107

  1. Alix says:

    I’d love to know the address of this house, if at all possible. Or, at the very least, what cities/towns it’s located between. Thanks!!!

  2. Marcee .... Illinois says:

    For sure, looking at all of these abandoned places definitely gets you thinking and wondering. The histories over countless years, people who lived and stayed in these homes, etc. Very amazing. Without appropriate (usually huge) funds + loyal and honest folks that can rehab, best to either sell or leave. There must be a market for places like these for people to afford and keep up. Our (old) neighborhood is going through drastic changes. Tear downs and rebuilds. All the families that lived in these homes are a small memory. Life goes on through other means.

  3. Marie Thompson Hart says:

    The lady that owned this house on 107, was Annie Mason.She lived there with her son.I cleaned for her. Its too bad it is so run down.

  4. Norm Brown says:

    Wresley and Annie Mason’s Rt 107 Gaysville/Stockbridge, Vt. My moms aunts in-laws place. Last time I stayed there was when I was 16 fun place to go back in time, had a nice field on right to run and play. The barn on the right is gone. When my mom and dad got married spent part of their honey moon there. Dad said the outhouse was to cold to read a paper in Nov. You could see the White River below.

  5. Mary Barter says:

    I lived in this house with Annie mason and uncle warren.(her son) it was a great place to live. he was a great man. it is located between bethel and stockbridge. i would love to find a way to get info to possibly purchase this property. if anyone knows how i might go about finding that info on it, please, let me know. it was a very peaceful place to live. i spent a good many hours sitting on the porch with uncle warren, just enjoying the warmth and the mountains. it’s very sad that it has fallen into such disaarey since uncle warren passed away.

  6. David Mason says:

    I spent some amazing summers here with my grand father and my Great Grand mother. It was like a trip back in time.

    • Norm Browne says:

      Dear Preservation in Pink, Could you please pass my email on to David Mason. You have my permission. I have other family photos he may like. I have a post card I can copy, his grandfather sent to my great grandmother. Thanks You Very Much, Regards, Norm

      On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 4:37 PM Preservation in Pink wrote:

      > David Mason commented: “I spent some amazing summers here with my grand > father and my Great Grand mother. It was like a trip back in time.” >

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